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How do we pick the best platforms?


When discussing any investment service, one of the most sensitive and important topics is price. That's why we always recommend the platform that has the lowest fees overall.

Reputation and Security

No one wants to live in the stress of seeing their brokerage fail. That's why we look for the most established exchanges to minimize risk.


With some brokers you spend an hour listening to "please hold the line" music, with others you have an online chat that replies in seconds. To avoid frustrations, we look for the brokers with the best support


The worst feeling in the world is setting up an account , and then seeing that your product is not traded. Hence, we recommend the brokers that trade in the largest number of instruments.

Ease of Use

Investing and trading are complicated enough, but some platforms strive to make them even more so. That's why we try to recommend the platforms that can work even for starters.

Funding Options

Even if a brokerage has zero trading fees, they may still want to charge you 500 euros for a deposit, obviously nobody wants that, that's why we compare the costs of depositing and withdrawing money from exchanges


Most frequent questions and answers

After all of my years in the market, I haven’t found a better brokerage than Interactive Brokers. 

Now that’s more of a tough call, so for more detail you should check out my article. In short – I personally use both Kraken and Binance, so for me – they are the top 2.

Well – truth is, nobody knows. Practice shows, however, that time in the market always beats timing the market, so the sooner the better.

Most of the trading platforms on the market have no required minimums, so you can realistically start with as low is 20 euros.

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